Hamilton Day 16th October 2023

by: Michael C Keane Sculptor

October 16, 2023

Michael C Keane - Sir William Rowen Hamilton plaque sculpture Broombridge Cabra Dublin Ireland

Hamilton Day commemorates a ground-breaking discovery by one of Ireland’s most famous scientist. On 16 October 1843, William Rowan Hamilton discovered quaternion algebra, while walking along the Royal Canal from Dunsink Observatory to the Royal Irish Academy (RIA). This was one of those very rare Eureka moments in the history of science. So excited was he by his discovery that he scratched his equation on the wall of Broome Bridge, Cabra.

Sir William Rowan Hamilton Sculpture

In 2021 the Cabra historical Society unveiled a plaque commemorating Sir William Rowan Hamilton. This plaque was created by Michael C Keane and below you can see images from this special commemoration day.


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