Caber Toss

Caber Toss: A short description

There were two caber tosses done. The first was influenced by the highland games. I watched it that year. There were 22 foot poles they had to toss and he was astonished at the strength required, so I tried to capture it in bronze.

The ratio of the piece I did was 1:5 life size. About 6’2” in height and finished in bronze. A second piece was commissioned by the athletics society. It was a trophy commissioned by Americans based in Alabama to commemorate the founder of the games.

Caber Toss: Some facts

The Caber Toss is Scottish tradition, the main event at the Scottish Highland Games. Men and Women tossing a large wooden pole called a Caber. The origin of the Caber tossing derived from highland folk tossing logs across narrow chasms and streams to get to the other side. In Scotland the Caber is mostly made from the Larch Tree. The average Caber weighs 170 to 180 pounds 78 to 80 kilograms and measures 18 to 20 feet. Whoever is tossing the Caber whether it’s a Women or a Man they are called a Tosser or a Thrower. This sculpture is illustrating balance, strength and movement honouring those brave people who take part and are successful in this traditional Scottish event..

Courtesy of: Wikipedia

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